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Decorating a wedding barn with flowers!

I've been busier than the cabbage white butterfly that keeps laying eggs all over my nasturtiums since June. When people say they've been busy, they've generally got a couple of things on. Not me. I started a new business in March, then I started to kick my beer writing career up another gear, and then in case that wasn't enough, I booked out every single weekend for THREE MONTHS to catch up with friends and family members I'd not seen in ages (some of them years) and also, I've been travelling a lot for work.

Oh right, yeah, and I'm planning a budget wedding at a venue that doesn't usually host weddings.

I'm pretty busy.

That hasn't stopped me from being on the constant lookout for good local producers to use for my wedding. Although it's much harder to do these things yourself when you've got a lot of little stipulations and specifics, the advice I've been getting from every married person I know is "make sure everything you s…

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