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Walking down the aisle

In most little girls' imaginations, the first time their family and friends clap eyes on how incredible they look, how radiant, how happy, how perfect they are on their wedding day, is when the doors of that fantasy church open wide and the light streams in, and there they are, arm-in-arm with their daddy, beaming with pride, ready to walk down the aisle.

As we grow up, relationships can change. Life can be cruel. Not every little girl can grow up to take that step-together-step with their dad. Not every little girl wants to. Living means growing; changing from a sweet, naive child into a woman who's seen the world, dealt with grief or deep disappointment. It means understanding that not everything can be perfect. But that's life, and that's okay.

On your wedding day, you will hear the words "it's your wedding - do what makes you happy" at least four hundred thousand times. This advice is sound, wise even, but it's not always usable. What do you want?…

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