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How to re-find your head after succumbing to Wedding Madness

I have a groundbreaking theory and it is this: Quite a lot of the extra-expensive stuff you feel you need in order to throw a bonafide, actual-factual wedding continue to be relevant because we, the brides and grooms to be, perpetuate their relevance. We're dragged into a confusing whirlwind of giant, light-up letters and novelty Father of the Bride socks while we're at our most vulnerable, and we crack. We think, "how could my wedding possibly be the happiest day of my life without a jukebox selfie machine?"

The wedding machine is a giant combine harvester of cynical ploys, and if you're not careful you'll be dragged in head first. I know. I've been there. I've hovered over a job-lot of paper pom-poms "just in case" my foraged greenery arrangements don't do the job on the day. I've become obsessed with napkins. NAPKINS. I had a nightmare about my wedding rings, and another one about the venue being cold, empty, dark, chairless and n…

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