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Making confetti with autumn leaves

I might be a spring person at heart, but even I have to admit that walking through the park on a perfectly sunny, crisply cold autumn afternoon while colourful leaves blow about your head is one of the most cheerful things you can do. Add some cosy socks and a good pair of boots to the mix and you've got yourself an excellent lunchtime excursion.

My sister Jane sent a photo to me of a person making confetti out of leaves and I thought it was a fantastic idea. Cheap - I like cheap. Eco-friendly - I like that too. What's not to love?

So, I bought a single hole punch from eBay for around 99p with free delivery and in around a week it arrived and I was ready to start collecting leaves for my project.

Reasons to make leaf confetti

It's the most biodegradeable material you could useMaking it is repetitive and soothingCollecting the leaves is a great outdoor activity - wrap up warm and get out of the house!It looks lovely, really natural and full of autumnal tones

I found that it&#…

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