Beautiful (and affordable) alternative engagement rings

When I got engaged, I proposed with a friendship bracelet. It cost 50p from a tabletop market on Grassmarket in Edinburgh, around the corner from the place I figuratively got down on one knee. (I didn't actually do this - Tom did ask me to though.)

I would be happy to keep this bracelet as my symbolic engagement shackle, however I was told that I should pick out a ring, and who am I to argue?

I've been looking primarily on Etsy because if I'm going to be asking for a pricey present, I'd rather it came from an independent artist, but there are some I've seen in a local jewellers I like.. for about £1000 above my budget.

All of these engagement rings are beautiful in their own ways and as a person who doesn't wear rings, I can actually see myself being happy with them as permanent additions to my left hand. I've picked all these out for myself, so if you choose one and buy it, please let me know so I can take it off my wishlist!

This first one I'm calling "Brontë-Victorian-Drama"

Beautifully understated with intriguing little clasps to hold the solitaire opal in place, I'd love to tell you more about it but unfortunately it is now sold. (Hopefully to Tom. We'll see.)

This next one hasn't been taken though, so it could be YOURS. Tourmelated quartz (amazing how being engaged turns you into a geologist) looks stunning and perfect for the more gothicly-inclined. How often do you see an engagement ring that goes with an all-black wardrobe? Not often enough, that's what I'm saying.

What's more, it's only £48.51 (plus postage).

I love this miniscule, dainty little thing. Extremely practical but not suitable for my pudgy fingers perhaps, I can see it looking stunning on a more slender hand. Perhaps one belonging to a piano player, or a flamenco dancer.

Yours for £59.85 (plus postage). Bargain.

This ring has been called "Gold Chaos" by Anna Rei, the artist who created it. Please take some time to look at her other beautiful things, she really has a talent for combining raw materials with a polished modern twist.

Fully customised to your requirements and wildest desires, the ring pictures could be yours from £185.00 (plus shpping).

This absolutely heart-stopping little thing is by Catbird, a ring designer that's strong and creative as well as (occasionally) affordable. Have a good scroll through their site, you'll never want to leave.

Yours for $660 (starting price, shipping costs not included.)

This ring is "reticulated" (got the terminology down) giving it a worn, aged look that I really love. I do, I specifically asked for a genuine Viking ring but they're all too tiny.

£160 plus postage.

There are loads more on my Pinterest board, but those are my top picks. For now.


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