Incredible veil scenes by Rock N Roll Bride x Crown and Glory

Oh my god these veils, these veils, oh my god.

Earlier this week, the queen of alternative bridal Kat Williams posted a reveal of her latest Rock N Roll Bride collaboration. The brand has teamed up with Crown and Glory to create the Secret Gardens and Starry Nights veil collection, a whimsical adventure of embroidered flora and fauna, magical accents and astrological delights.

I'm always 100% on-board with anything Rock N Roll Bride have to offer the wedding industry, but these beauties made me scream with delight.

Look at this itty bitty tincy wincy spider!

Floor-length stars!

Ombre Cathedral-length floatiness!

Ankle-height blossoms!

An entire garden around your waist!

Actually forget Tom & Katie 2019, I want this Secret Garden veil for everyday wear.

The collection also includes birdcage veils and hair accessories, perfect if you're not into long veils but want something extra-special to make your wedding hair pop.

Kat says:
Just like all of our past collections, each piece has been designed to be customised, meaning you can alter the colours (and in some cases length) to suit your own, distinctive style. You can select your preferred colour of foil and glitter stars (from a choice of 38!) in the Space Odyssey veil, the ombre in the Ombre Dreams veils can be any colour you like and the sequin flowers in the Magic Garden range are available in lots of different colours too! You can even decide if you want more or less (or none at all) sequin bug embellishments on the Secret Garden veil.

Prices range from  £30 - £300. If you're interested in snapping up any of these gorgeous designs, I suggest you do it quickly. They're catching a lot of attention online. Can you hear that? It's a thousand Instagram uploads of perfect wedding shoot photos featuring this season's must-have - the bridal tarantula. I'm telling you, it's a thing now. You heard it here first.


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