Bridal capes. Yeah, they're a thing.

One thing I've been gradually becoming obsessed with since I got engaged last year is the way alternative wedding dress designers like Lucy Can't Dance are accessorising their gowns. I've seen on more than one occasion, a sleek outline, perhaps in lace, perhaps in satin, maybe a touch of colour, completely transformed by a swipe of material that elevates the look from wow to WOAAHHHHH. I'm talking about the not-so-humble wedding cape.

From the sheer, shoulder-shrug veil to the fluttering, tinsel-strewn, glitterbomb train, I've seen them all and I want them. Don't talk to me about class or elegance. I want a cape.

What started off this obsession was actually a photograph of a beautiful vintage gown from the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Demure but glamorous, this 1930s gown pooling at the toes is finished off perfectly with a light and airy cape, in a 1920s style. It's just beautiful. Perfection. And to think somebody MADE something that exquisite.

The ensemble that started it all. Look at it. Omg.
Of course, me being me, this desire for a tasteful drape of something gossamer quickly spiralled out of control. After seeing a gloriously blurry photo of a metallic stage prop, I haven't been able to stop thinking about. I need it. I would wear it all the time and it would go with EVERYTHING.

The thing is, you need a special sort of dress to pull off a cape. Had I been planning to wear a nice little slip of a dress, I wouldn't have a problem with flinging one of these babies over the top. As it is, I've got a massive tulle skirt to contend with, and I've not even decided on the type of top it'll go well with. At the moment I'm thinking of teaming it with a bustier-style top embellished with pearls and glitzy things... but until recently it was a silk camisole and to be honest, tomorrow it could be a kaftan for all I know. I need to go and try on some things to see what I look like, but I'm a weird shape at the moment and until I'm back to myself again, I need to make do with Pinterest. (You can see all of the capes I've been gawping over on my special Wedding Capes board, here.)

This cape by Rolling In Roses also caught my attention, it flatters the model's amazing back tattoos perfectly but it's also so delicate and floaty. With that silky dress it's the perfect way to set off what could have been quite a conservative look.

Elegant, stylish and alternative.
It's a complete change to what I originally wanted - a big skirt, t-shirt (embellished but still, a t-shirt) and long-ass embroidered veil - but a cape might be the perfect way to balance out the big-ness of my skirt and make me seem a little more beauteous on the day. I need to do some sketches to see if I like what I'm imagining. I could end up looking like a standard lamp with a Stevie Nicks chiffon scarf draped over it.

Actually, would that be so bad?

Err... I kindof like this?
What I have seen this morning that would definitely suit me is this incredible top by Lucy Can't Dance. It's immediately made me want to ditch my tropical tastefulness and go all-out Dolly Parton/Psychobilly/Zombie Grease. Don't tell me that's not a wedding theme. It's the fringes. I'm dying.

What I love the most about seeing this top while I was half asleep is that now I've got it in my head that I can have a white leather jacket with fringing all the way across the back and down the arms. Yes, that seems like a totally sane idea.

So, in conclusion: Wedding capes - good. Everyone should get one. It's 2018. They're a thing now.


  1. I adore these and the vintage vibe! I'd definitely have thought about one if I wasn't getting married in the middle of summer, which will hopefully be a very hot day!
    Amy xx

    1. Ahh you lucky thing, fingers crossed the weather's good for you!

  2. These are gorgeous! I was a little skeptical at first as I was thinking ‘what about showing off my tattoos?!’ but then i saw the picture of the woman covered in them and it all looks so elegant and beautiful! I’m nowhere near planning my wedding but I’ll definitely be keeping these in mind for future reference 😍
    Alice Xx

    1. The tattoo one is DEFINITELY my fave. Well, maybe after the gold tinselly one.

  3. Wow... these are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. xx


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